If youth sport is a universal good then we should know more about why athletes dropout of our programs.
Understanding parent expectations does not mean changing the athlete development process. It means understanding who the client really is and what is or…
It exists in any data set that tracks growth or performance of youngsters. The question is not, is it there? The question is what to do about it?
They already do, but reform is needed and the USOPC may be the only way to get it done.
Does inclusion trump fairness? How we answer that question will determine what sport looks like for a long time to come.
Dropout is a phenomenon in youth sports. Burnout is a psychosomatic condition that can occur later in an athlete's career.
It's not rocket science! Youth sport coaches can be trained to teach proper movement, understand movement sequencing, and identify and correct movement…
Being able to identify early- and late-maturing athletes gives coaches one more tool they can use to understand the demographic forces at work in their…
Understanding these demographic metrics can open new areas of analysis for sport governing bodies
The age/performance curve shows why many elite athletes never reach their genetic potential. This article discusses ways coaches and NGBs can help more…
Rising costs that make youth sports an upper middle class activity are bad socially and hurt sport performance overall
The Games are much more than a simple medal count. A sensible scoring system could add a new layer of excitement to the quadrennial spectacle. In this…