Understanding parent expectations does not mean changing the athlete development process. It means understanding who the client really is and what is or isn't driving them your way.
It's not rocket science! Youth sport coaches can be trained to teach proper movement, understand movement sequencing, and identify and correct movement…
Sport provides one of the most visible examples of a society's efficiency in organizing, governing, and administering large scale endeavors.
Thinking that common sense will fix everything and that leaders will come to their senses is dangerous and will soon lead to a sport environment we…
They already do, but reform is needed and the USOPC may be the only way to get it done.
Norway's Olympic success is rooted in mass participation, thus demonstrating that sport can be universally enjoyed while developing athletes with…
My red rover skills are still first rate. Can I still have an Olympic career?
Allowing trans women to compete as females is an ideological attack on objective reality and possibly the biggest leadership blunder in sport history.
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