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If you’re a sport coach, administrator, official, parent, or just someone interested in how youngsters really become elite performers then you will enjoy the Sportkid Metrics newsletter. Take a look through the archive to get a fuller picture of the ideas that get us out of bed in the morning.

The articles here focus on the meta items that shape national sport development. Topics related to data such as athlete retention, growth, and training age appear here. I also write frequently about sport governance, education, talent creation, and training.

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Each newsletter discusses factors that affect sport development, especially at the youth level. I look at the demographics, culture, and and other forces that shape social institutions including sport, and as our company name suggests we’ll usually get into the numbers. I’ll also include commentary, book suggestions, and links to things I think are interesting.

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The company

Sportkid Metrics LLC offers online tools to national sport governing bodies (NGBs) that track membership, growth, retention, and performance data for athletes. It also tracks certification levels for coaches and officials, and provides easy to use administrative data for sport administrators. NGBs are welcome to try the Sportkid system for six months at no cost and without obligation. There is more information about this trial at the company website.

About me

My name is Bill Price and I am the founder of Sportkid Metrics. I coached swimming for over 30 years in the United States, Malaysia, and Brunei. In 2008 I moved to the academic side of sports and began teaching in the undergraduate program at the United States Sports Academy. In 2014 I moved back to Southeast Asia and created and taught courses for the Malaysian Ministries of Education and Defense.

In 2019 Sportkid Metrics LLC was launched. It’s an online application that assists national sport governing bodies (NGBs) in developing and understanding the size, scope, and general physical attributes of their athlete pool as well as offering registration and membership functions. This data helps NGBs make informed decisions regarding their programs and growth of their sport.

The Sportkid Newsletter is of interest to coaches, sport administrators, parents, or anyone interested in how sport works and where elite performance really comes from.

I write about the obvious nuts and bolts of sport development as well as controversies affecting sport in general. I hope you will not agree with everything I write; I enjoy hearing dissenting views. In my experience this is the best way to understand issues and get various opinions about topics affecting our children, our athletes, and our sports.


Bill Price
Bill Price is founder and Chief Data Analyst for Sportkid Metrics, a startup that helps national sport associations develop grassroots sport programs.